I started this site in 1999, when my friend Adam suggested that one good use of the Web might be to list restaurants. I put the site together as a single PHP document, reading from a set of about 10 MySQL tables. CSS was nowhere as supported as today and I had to use <table> tags for the layout.

That was the fun part. The hassle was the data entry. Google had just started and there was no online source I could copy and paste from, so whenever I went walking I would grab takeout menus and post them when I got home.

This was all before menupages and Yelp and all of that, so I didn't feel pressure to hurry.

I eventually had about 400 restaurants listed and at that point, in any given week one of those restaurants would change their prices or go out of business. So I was spending as much time keeping up with the existing data as adding more.

That's when I let the site go fallow.